About Us

NettZero are the NABERS and BEEC specialists.

NettZero provides NABERS ratings, CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments and BEEC services to many of Australia’s leading property owners.  In fact, we supply more BEECs than any other organisation in Australia.  NABERS Ratings and BEEC are our Core Services. 

We offer the full suite of NABERS Ratings and Energy Audits across all property types. NettZero is Australian owned and has been operating since 2007. NettZero aims to fulfil the environmental and sustainability needs of organisations operating within the commercial property sector.  We have focused on the existing commercial building sector as they are major emitters of Greenhouse Gases—as many were designed and built prior to the current awareness or emphasis on energy efficiency.

It is our view, the first step for organisations addressing their energy and resource inefficiencies (or greenhouse gas emissions), is to benchmark their current performance. To do this, we recommend a NABERS rating. Once a benchmark has been established, we recommend that an energy audit be conducted, so the appropriate energy- and resource-saving initiatives can identified and implemented.  The initiatives can then be effectively measured and evaluated against the established Benchmarks. This ensures that initiatives are measureable and resource-saving programmes are accountable for their outcomes.

Increasing energy prices make being resource efficient a business necessity.  This trend will continue as electricity and energy costs grow at rates well above CPI (Consumer Price Index).

For many organisations it is not practical or cost-effective to establish their own sustainability department, so we propose to take on this role, for you, on a consultancy basis.

By sharing our resources it becomes practical and affordable for all organisations to improve their sustainability, reduce their environmental impact and their energy costs.

Most businesses agree that being energy and resource efficient is simply good practice and part of being a responsible corporate organisation.
At NettZero we subscribe to the old management adage that You cannot manage what you cannot measure.

NettZero is uniquely positioned to offer services and support to the environment and to the business community. One of our many credos is Being eco-efficient is good for business.