Energy Audits

An Tenancy energy audit involves an inspection of all major energy consuming equipment in a facility. Its purpose is to identify poor energy practices and provide ideas and solutions and costs of improving the energy efficiency of the business.

NettZero can perform Level One, Two and Three Energy Audits, as specified under the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3598:2000. These audits come with an action plan that helps to prioritise recommended initiatives.

An energy audit is usually the second step on the path to energy efficiency. The first is to benchmark current performance. We often conduct an energy audit, in addition to, and at the same time as, performing a NABERS rating or a benchmark assessment for a property.

By combining the activities they become more cost-effective and will get your organisation well on its way to being energy efficient.

A Level One Energy Audit allows the overall energy consumption of the site to be evaluated, to determine whether energy use is reasonable or excessive. It provides initial benchmarks so that the effect of any energy efficiency initiatives can be tracked and evaluated.

Once we have completed the energy audit, we provide you with a written Report. The written report will highlight both technical and behavioural solutions to help reduce energy consumption. Each Audit Report also contains several tips or ideas on how to reduce waste generation and improve recycling.