NettZero News April - ClimateSmart Business Cluster

NettZero have been participants in the Queensland Government’s ClimateSmart Business Cluster Program for the last few years. The program is designed to assist Queensland businesses team up with a Cluster Leader to help identify opportunities and increase knowledge on how to improve energy, water and waste efficiency.

The NettZero Brisbane team have participated in the Program as a Cluster Leader of the ‘NettZero Green Office Climate Smart’ Business Cluster. Our role as the Cluster Leader is to encourage and assist participants to reduce business costs by improving energy efficiency of the Office. Our purpose was also to increase the knowledge and awareness of energy efficiency in workplace.

As a Cluster Leader in the program we were the recipients of some Queensland Government Funding which we used to partially subsidise the costs of a NABERS Energy Tenancy Rating for organisations that joined our Cluster and the Brisbane CitySwitch Green Office Program.

NettZero has participated in two ClimateSmart Clusters run by the Queensland Government and we are considering participating in the program for a third time. If you are interested in participating in this program or would like more information, please contact us.