NettZero News April - CitySwitch Green Office

CitySwitch Green Office is a national tenant energy efficiency program which works with organisations committed to addressing their greenhouse impact.
With tenants able to influence up to 50 per cent of the energy use in office buildings, simple changes to improve day-to-day energy efficiency can help organisations save money and make a positive impact on climate change.
By signing up to CitySwitch, organisations join a growing national partnership between local government and corporate leaders, and can demonstrate and promote their commitment to environmental sustainability.
So far, 310 tenancies covering over 1.4 million square metres of office space have made a commitment to reduce their carbon pollution and demonstrate environmental leadership.

Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers is one of the City Switch Signatories who have made some simple changes, which has resulted in significant improvements on their energy consumption: *“NABERS gives quantifiable feedback on the positive changes we have been implementing internally, such as server virtualisation, more efficient lighting and reducing the length of time printers wait before going into sleep mode. Being a CitySwitch Signatory has provided a source for ideas and support, as well as an external source of motivation to keep improving our energy efficiency. Since joining CitySwitch, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers has increased its NABERS rating from 3 to 4.5, representing a saving of more than $13,000pa for the firm.”
CitySwitch Signatory, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers*

CitySwitch Victoria is offering another round (round 2) of rebates for the cost of a NABERS Rating. The Rebate is in addition to the NSW DECCW administration fee discount offered to CitySwitch program signatories. The maximum amount of the rebate varies depending on the office size of the organisation applying for it.

NettZero can undertake all of the measurement and administration requirements for your organisation to join this program. We have worked through the requirements many times and understand what needs to be done and can complete the activities quickly and efficiently.

If you would like more information or assistance joining this program, please contact us.