Integrated Portfolio Management


NettZero has a unique approach to NABERS Assessments. We continually look for ways to increase the value clients can obtain from an Accredited Rating. To this end, we have developed Integrated Portfolio Assessments that enable us to unlock further value from the NABERS process.

Our Integrated Assessment Program is a one- to three-year partnership arrangement with our clients, which provides a very cost-effective way of retaining the current NABERS ratings. Under our programme we provide rolling quarterly desktop (un-accredited) NABERS assessments; this allows you to monitor your progress throughout the year and helps to avoid unpleasant surprises at rating time. 

Integrated NABERS Assessments can include NABERS Energy, Water, Base Building, Tenancy, Whole Building, Hotels and Retail Ratings.

The NettZero Integrated Assessment programme can be applied to whole portfolios or just to individual properties.