March 2016 Newsletter

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Welcome to the 2016 March NettZero Newsletter

We wish all of our readers a prosperous start in 2016! The team at NettZero made it through a busy December before having a well-deserved break. 2016 will be a big year dedicated to the growth of NettZero but more importantly, in helping our clients' achieve their goals.

NettZero's Brisbane office has now moved to a larger space to accommodate the advancement of these objectives.

Our new team members, who started in 2015, have settled in and are significantly contributing in the improvement of our service delivery, our reliability and the quality of our outputs. They are also enabling us to achieve our goal to expand the services we provide to further benefit our clients. This includes the addition of undertaking Green Star Performance assessments, NABERS Indoor Environment Ratings and NABERS Improvement Plans. 

As stated in the previous newsletter, in 2016 we will continue to explore these potential new relevant and beneficial services. 

The big news in this quarter's newsletter is the release of the CBD program review by ACIL Allen and the possibility of an expansion explored by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). Secondly, we outline the success of the GBCA and their Green Star certificates that continue to support the sustainable growth in the property industry. Finally we have listed a few upcoming events that we will be attending.

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CBD Program - an opportunity for the mid-tier buildings

COAG discussion to expand the CBD program

At its December 2015 meeting, the COAG agreed it had a significant contribution to make in a national cooperative effort to better integrate energy and climate policy. A key part of this effort is the Council's new National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP).

One of several measures in the NEPP designed to assist in achieving the Council's goals is the expansion of the CBD program. The NEPP was presented to the federal government January 2016, in which they highlighted the benefits of mandatory disclosure for both tenants and building owners.

CBD Review - major changes on the horizon

ACIL Allen was selected to conduct the independent review of the CBD program. The most significant recommendations are to expand the CBD program to include smaller office spaces and extend the required validity of a Tenancy Lighting Assessment from 12 months to 5 years. 

Currently offices that are 2,000m
2 or larger are required to participate in the CBD program at the point of sale, lease or sublease. The benefits associated with reducing this threshold to 1,000m2 have been explored in the report and appears to be well received by the commercial property industry.

There are substantial benefits for giving the mid-tier office market (tens of thousands of commercial buildings around Australia) an opportunity to improve their sustainability outcomes. These include net benefits of $24 million cumulatively, and saving 707,000 tonnes of CO2 between 2015 ans 2028.

Furthermore, this provides job opportunities as its expected that lowering the threshold will prompt many first time or newly disclosure affected building owners to explore the range of services, resources and technologies that can improve buildings environmental sustainability. 

The review reported that the Tenancy Lighting Assessment is yet to provide significant benefits. The rules around Tenancy Lighting Assessments will therefore be weakened, with the validity of an assessment being extended from 1 to 5 years. 

The federal government wants your opinions on this review and is undertaking
 public consultation on lowering the threshold to 1000m2 and extending the validation period for CBD TLA from 1 to 5 years, until 12 March 2016. 

We are highly supportive of lowering the threshold from 2000m
2 to 1000m2 due to its substantial environmental benefits. In regards to the CBD TLA, we believe that the extension to a 5 year validity period is too long. We conduct more CBD TLAs than any other organisation in Australia and we find that there are noticeable changes in buildings results each year. Our view is that the CBD TLA has not been given a fair chance to prove its worth. 


Green Star Rating Success

Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) disclosed their 40% growth in Green Star certifications during 2015 by certifying 218 Green Star projects, compared to 156 in 2014. 

The GBCA's Green Star rating systems are proving to be one of the leading forms of recognition in a buildings sustainable performance within the property industry. 

The certifications include the participation in Green Star rating tools: Green Star - Communities, Design & As built, Interiors and Performance. The team at NettZero has contributed to this achievement through undertaking Green Star - Performance ratings since June 2015. 

"More than 530,000 Australians now work in Green Star-rated offices - that's 4.5% of our total workforce." says the GBCA's Chief Executive Officer, Romilly Madew. 

NettZero would like to recognise Lendlease's achievement of certifying the largest area of Green Star space in 2015. 

As stated by Tarun Gupta, Lendlease's Chief Executive Officer, Property, Australia and Deputy Chair of the GBCA, "Lendlease's vision to 'create the best places' is underpinned by a belief that the built environment has a critical role to play in delivering real action on climate change and contributing positively to the health and well-being of people."

We are very honoured to have Lendlease as a client and look forward to continuing our assistance to meet their sustainability vision. Find out what services can best benefit you to achieve your sustainability goals. Call us on 02 9037 4355 or email us at 


Upcoming Events

NettZero will be attending the following events - we hope to see you there! These events have great networking value and provide up-to-date experience and knowledge of the sustainability opportunities within the commercial property industry. 

NABERS & CBD Conference

The annual NABERS & Commercial Building Disclosure Program conference will be held at the Grace Hotel in Sydney on Wednesday, 27th of April.

From our experience at previous events, we expect to take part in several sessions made up of: lecture style presentations, professional development sessions, and consultation. Additionally, a Technical Forum staffed by NABERS & CBD teams and a conference dinner with a guest speaker was held at previous events.

It's a great opportunity for networking along with interaction and collaboration with the CBD and NABERS program teams. 

The conference will be a one-day event and will be open to all NABERS & CBD stakeholders.

Reserve a spot

Green Cities Conference

The team at NettZero is looking forward to this three day event that's loaded with highly beneficial activities such as practical site tours, hands-on masterclasses, fun networking events and listening to inspiring speakers. 

Green Cities is Australia's premier sustainability conference for the built environment. The event is co-hosted annually by the GBCA and the Property council of Australia. This year the event will be held at the Hilton, Sydney, from 22-24 March.

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