NettZero is a 100% Australian owned and operated sustainability consultancy

Our team

NettZero have a team of experienced Sustainability Engineers who are also NABERS Assessors, Green Star Performance and Indoor Air Quality Professionals, and Energy Auditors on staff. We have been conducting NABERS ratings since early 2008 and are members of the Green Building Council of Australia, the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA), and the Energy Efficiency Council. Let us help your business meet its sustainable development goals. 

Matt Greening

Principal Director

Matt Greening founded NettZero in 2008 with the vision of building a full service sustainability consultancy with an initial focus on the commercial property sector. Matt is a NABERS expert and one of the early adopters of commercial NABERS assessments.

Lisa Williams

Head of Business

Lisa Williams joined NettZero in August 2016 as our National Business Development Manager. Lisa has a sound knowledge and understanding of how a building can operate to be energy efficient and managed to the best of its ability. 

Ridho Sinuraya

Senior Sustainability Engineer

Ridho has eight years working experience as a building services consultant dealing primarily with energy and water assessments, facility condition appraisals and HVAC engineering ands energy auditing.

Michelle Tommosgard

Senior Sustainability Engineer & Technical Manager

Michelle has six years of experience in building services consultancy dealing primarily with Indoor Environment, energy and water monitoring, HVAC and BMS optimisation and energy auditing of commercial, retail, and hotel buildings in Australia and in the UK. 

Atif Mansoor

Senior Sustainability Engineer

Atif is Climate Active Carbon Neutral Registered Consultant and helps our clients to firstly benchmark the GHG emissions, reduce their emission and achieve Carbon Neutrality under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.  Atif is an Electrical Engineer and has been with NettZero since 2016.  He also conducts NABERS Rating and Tenancy Lighting assessments for various commercial and retail clients.

Cailum Cherry

Sustainability Consultant

Cailum has a background in chemistry and spent his early career commissioning projects for global energy companies across Asia. As a Sustainability Consultant, he is responsible for NABERS ratings and CBD assessments.  

Rahul Patil

Sustainability Engineer

Rahul is an Electrical Engineer working with NettZero since 2018 as a Sustainability Engineer, responsible for conducting NABERS Ratings and CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments. Rahul accredited to complete NABERS Indoor Environment and Climate Active Carbon Neutral Assessment for Building following the NABERS pathway.

Julie Tam

Office & Administration Manager

Julie Tam has worked for NettZero since late 2019 and is responsible for overall Project Management and scheduling of all project plans to ensure deadlines are met. Additionally, Julie oversees information technology and financial accounting. 

Our History

Join Australia’s climate leaders

NettZero is a 100% Australian owned and operated sustainability consultancy which caters to a wide variety of sustainability demands within the built environment sector. Our services go above and beyond, giving stakeholders and organisations the opportunity to engage with the right people, at the right time, with the right information to meet sustainable development goals.

You can't manage what you don't measure.

NettZero is a leading provider of built environment and sustainability services, with experienced engineers operating across Australia. Established in 2008, NettZero has had a long-standing history in providing clients with exceptional knowledge and expertise on NABERS assessments and sustainability initiatives, empowering them to make well-informed decisions concerning sustainability ambitions and sustainable development goals. Our dedicated team of engineers specialise in improving environmental performance of commercial property assets, from concept design modelling, to energy and water auditing.

Leaders in the Australian environmental assessment sector.

Our Philosophy

Optimising Operational Efficiency

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the existing commercial building sector, their tenants and the broader business community by assisting them to effectively measure, manage and reduce their energy and water consumption. 

The first step for any organisation in addressing their energy inefficiencies or green house gas emissions is to benchmark their current performance. Once a benchmark has been established then all initiatives can be effectively measured and evaluated against the benchmark. It also allows cost savings to be matched against any expenses incurred.

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