Carbon Neutral Certification

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We all have a part to play in the battle against climate change. Every business, big or small, can have a positive impact by choosing to go carbon neutral and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon neutral certification against the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard provides a credible stamp showing that an organisation, product or service, event, precinct, or building has met all the requirements of the standard and has effectively mitigated its carbon footprint. Showcase your business’ commitment to sustainability and maintain your social license with a Climate Active certification today. 

It's never been easier

It is now easier than ever to achieve carbon neutrality. It can be done through your annual NABERS energy rating or Green Star – Performance assessment. 

We facilitate the efficient data gathering during the normal rating process, making the process easier and efficient.

Carbon Neutrality refers to achieving net zero carbon dioxide emissions by reporting  (creating a carbon account) and balancing these emissions by offsetting them (investing in accepted renewable projects worldwide). This is a recognisable step in broadly contributing to sustainability whilst working to reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation. 

At present Climate Active (previously National Carbon Offset Standard – NCOS) recognises two pathways to achieve this. This can either be through completing a GreenStar Performance rating or a NABERS Energy and Water rating. 


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