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Improvement Plans

Our team of environmental consultants and sustainability engineers can provide innovative and site-specific recommendations to help improve your NABERS Rating.

Our NABERS improvement plans are based on Energy & Water Audits and provide you with a specific NABERS targeted initiatives to reduce energy & water consumption and improve your NABERS Rating. NettZero are trusted environmental consultants, helping you achieve your efficiency goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our Process

  1. Undertake an in depth discussion with you and your building services contractors.
  2. Perform a level 2 Energy Audit to identify initiatives and develop an understanding of the major energy & water uses.
  3. Establish an Energy & Water Budget for your property to achieve your targeted NABERS rating.
  4. Detail Energy Saving Initiatives and calculate energy and dollar savings and implementation costs.
  5. Prioritise ESI’s to achieve your targeted star ratings.

Monthly monitoring

NettZero provide monthly monitoring & regular NABERS reports. This service is optimal for buildings seeking to consolidate high ratings and detect unexpected performance issues before official assessment begins.

No nasty surprises.

5 Star buildings run the risk of falling behind after the completion of a successful rating. Monthly monitoring ensures that all parties stay up to date with accurate data that tracks year round NABERS performance of the building. Monthly ratings provide a succinct snapshot of the buildings NABERS specific performance seperate from other monitoring services.


Our monthly monitoring reports include:

Your building’s monthly energy, water and gas consumption on a ‘fuel-used’ basis measured against target goals. 

Your building’s cumulative energy, water and gas consumption measured  on a ‘fuel-used’ basis and compared with cumulative consumption goals. 

Your building’s cumulative GHG emissions expenditure measured against the cumulative monthly target. 


Using a 12 month rolling rating period, NettZero uses actual consumption to track NABERS performance year-round. We can keep you updated with our expert NABERS forecasts. Accurate to two decimal places these are a reliable indicator of performance and expected outcomes from an accredited NABERS rating. 

At NettZero we update the rated area based on information provided to ensure the most accurate rating result.

Sustainability Consulting

At NettZero, our team of knowledgeable environmental consultants and sustainability engineers can provide a range of innovative and practical sustainability solutions to support your organisation’s sustainability goals.

For over 10 years, NettZero has been helping clients boost their sustainability performance and credentials.


Through our consultations, we provide clients with the solutions and expertise they need to actively measure, manage and improve their sustainability performance. We specialize in helping organizations implement sustainable strategies and solutions from retrofitting advice to sustainable refurbishment strategies and more. 


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