How can we help with Green Star Performance assessments?

With years of experience in Green Star Performance assessments and an expansive client base, we’re well equipped to help realise your GSP potential, whether it’s for a single property or whole portfolio (office, retail & industrial).

“GSP assesses the operational performance of existing buildings across nine impact categories. It is used by building owners to measure how successfully they are managing their existing assets, and helps to communicate this commitment to investors and building users. A ‘continuous improvement framework’ has been built into the tool as the certification process is on a three year cycle, this allows for improvements to be recognised over time.”

– Green Building Council of Australia

Why a GSP assessment?

A better performing building delivers a number of direct economic benefits to building owners. GSP’s many benefits are applicable to most existing properties:

Lower operating costs

Healthier places to live and work

Future-proofed assets

Higher return on investment

Green star performance

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