Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Carbon Footprint Calculations.

How can a carbon footprint calculation help?

NettZero Carbon identifies and calculates the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions associated with your business activities in our carbon footprint report. The report produced includes an intuitive breakdown of carbon outputs and compares your business’ performance against industry benchmarks. It also contains key performance indicators used to track and report future GHG emissions. Benchmarking GHG emissions allows businesses to effectively measure any reductions in emissions due to smarter business practices, new technologies, and targeted environmental policies. Lowering a business’ emission levels not only slows the effects of climate change, but also improves local air quality and demonstrates to stakeholders that the business is serious about tackling climate change. 

Benefits of completing a carbon footprint calculation:

Appealing to customers and tenderers seeking low-carbon supply chains or partners.

Accurately measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Set benchmarks for reduction and develop a roadmap to carbon neutrality.

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