Indoor Environment

Increasingly, as modern buildings become more efficient and airtight, pollutants released from indoor sources are being found at higher concentrations.

NettZero can provide you with quick and cost-effective indoor air quality reports, helping you ensure the provision of a healthy and safe environment for your tenants.

Our indoor environment specialists have years of industry experience, providing clients with comprehensive Indoor Air Quality reports and practical indoor environment solutions for your office and retail properties.

NABERS Indoor Environment

The indoor environment quality (IEQ) of an office space is complex and dictated by numerous factors, including lighting, air quality, layout of office, thermal conditions and noise levels. These are all shaped by tenant behaviour, equipment, maintenance practices and building characteristics. The NABERS Indoor Environment (IE) tool measures these IEQ factors, comparing their performance against industry standard benchmarks, scientific research and current market performance of similar office buildings. 

What parameters
does NABERS IE assess?

NABERS measures five key indoor environment parameters, to assess the level of comfort, wellness and satisfaction in a building. The parameters consist of: lighting, indoor air quality, office layout, thermal services and acoustic comfort. The weighting of these parameters differ depending on their impact on occupants.

Get more bang for your buck by combining an IAQ assessment with a NABERS Indoor Environment rating