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NettZero are NABERS rating specialists

With more than a decade of experience and expertise in sustainability consulting, we are able to provide clients with an efficient and cost-effective way of rating your properties and portfolios.


NABERS ratings measure the impact on the environment of an office building and can rate either the base building, tenancy or whole building. A NABERS rating works by comparing the performance of a building against a set of NABERS benchmarks. NABERS Office ratings can cover energy, water, waste and indoor environment.

nabers Base Building

Rates central services of a building such as heating and cooling systems, BMS as well as lifts and common area lighting.

NABERS Tenancy

Rates only the energy used in the space occupied by the tenant in a building.

Nabers Whole BUilding

Rates both the base building and tenant occupied space. Usually conducted when there is a single tenant occupying an entire building.


Enables Tenancy energy ratings to be efficiently conducted alongside base building and/or whole building energy ratings in a single application. 


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Shopping centres

NABERS Energy and Water ratings for shopping centres assess and rate all services provided by the shopping centre owner to retail tenants and the associated back-of-house requirements. This includes:

  • All services provided to common areas
  • Air-conditioning services provided to tenants
  • All water consumption across retail tenancies
  • Services provided to car parks
  • All vertical transportation located within common areas.


NABERS Apartments rates the energy and water usage (paid for by the owners corporation) within the common property areas of your building. This includes:

  • Lifts and lobby areas
  • Car parks
  • Gyms
  • Pools 
  • Water features

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Want consistent NABERS performance?

Even 5 Star buildings run the risk of becoming complacent after the completion of a successful rating. NettZero can help make sure your buildings stay on track.

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