Waste Management

A NABERS Waste Rating measures your overall waste generation and scores your building’s recycling rate in your building and tenancies. With extensive knowledge of NABERS rating systems and criteria, NettZero are ready to help.

NABERS Waste Rating

A NABERS Waste rating can be applied to two distinct situations:

Rates the recycling rate of all office spaces within a building and measures parameters that are under the control of the landlord or base building.

Rates the mass of total waste generated by the whole building and all of its office tenants with respect to NABERS benchmarks. This includes the recycling rate of waste and recycling infrastructure where the tenant is the owner and/or has control of all services or the building owner/manager are working in conjunction with all their tenants.

At NettZero we recognise the importance of waste reduction and can provide you with efficient, accurate ratings helping you understand and identify inefficiencies, issues and areas of improvement of waste management strategies.

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